Telling your story successfully requires consistency in your internal and external communications. We work closely to develop brand messaging that accurately describes your organization’s goals.

Creating Emotional Connections


Texas Orthopedics, the largest orthopedic practice in the region, was looking to raise its brand awareness. While their logo had strong brand recognition, they were missing the emotional connection for building a powerful brand foundation. MedVoice PR worked closely with the physicians and administration to develop a new tagline and fresh advertising design, which was then consistently embedded into all of their marketing materials/collateral.


Pivoting to a New Company Strategy


Medical services company, HealthTronics, Inc., was well known for its product offerings for urologists. Since becoming independent from its pharma parent company, HealthTronics was embarking on a new company vision…to become a mobile solutions company offering a diverse portfolio of “portable” surgical and non-surgical tools for a wide range of medical specialties. This new strategic direction required a messaging overhaul—new key messages, new content, new positioning, new tagline.