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Media Outreach Results in Record-Breaking Website Traffic 


While GIDEON has been known for nearly two decades in academia for diagnosis and reference of infectious diseases and microbiology, managing partnerships with high-profile universities, hospitals, public health departments, and military organizations, they were still widely unknown outside academia and wanted to increase awareness before launching a new database interface. 

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MedVoice wanted to raise visibility of GIDEON through earned media to healthcare-specific outlets and general consumer media outlets.


We also optimized visibility with supportive content marketing in the form of client testimonials, blogs and social media content. 

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In the first month alone, GIDEON hit record-breaking website traffic. Monthly website traffic in April 2020 exceeded all months since May 2006. The vast majority of these visits were related to earned media.

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MedVoice also garnered 22 earned media stories in a wide variety of outlets, which resulted in a potential reach of 310M with an average value equivalency of nearly $3 million.

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