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MedVoice PR has decades of experience in healthcare PR and we have the results to prove it. We work with our clients on important messaging for press releases, interviews, and statements. We know how to craft an effective and compelling press release and we know how to distribute it for maximum reach.

Earned media adds credibility through nonpaid, third parties and is a vital part of an overall communications strategy. As one of the top medical PR companies, MedVoice PR has a strong network of local, state, regional and national reporters/editors. 


Why You're Tired All the Time

Life is hard, but there are some medical and lifestyle reasons behind fatigue, too. 


Why Do Toddlers Hit and Bite, and What to Do to Stop It

When your children reach the toddler stage, they begin exploring and interacting with the world around them. Their adventures can melt your heart, but some of their behavior might be confusing or even distressing for parents.


Female orthopedic surgeons teach hands-on sports medicine class at Ann Richards School

Dr. Barbara Bergin and Dr. Kelly Cline of Texas Orthopedics are taking their expertise and leadership to the classroom about once a month.

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How do I prepare for a tv interview


MedVoice PR provides professional media and live stream coaching to prepare you for interviews and on-camera appearances.


Remote interviews, virtual meetings, streamed events, telemedicine, and online video interactions will continue to be essential for sharing your message, so it’s important to master the skills necessary for effective audience engagement.


Our skilled team members will help you refine your on-camera presence and virtual presentations to inspire and engage.

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