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Thought Leadership in Public Relations

If you are considering revamping your public relations or marketing plan for the coming year, thought leadership is one strategy, or tool, that you should consider adding.   

What is thought leadership?

Thought leadership is the way in which an organization shares their unique knowledge about a specific industry or field. Putting their thoughts and perspective out there on a topic about which they have extensive experience and insight can position them as leaders and experts. 

At MedVoice PR, helping to establish our clients as thought leaders at the forefront of their healthcare or specialty medical fields is something that we do often, and well. Effective thought leadership positioning can be leveraged in many ways such as through industry-related podcasts, contributed articles, panel discussions, and  speaking engagements. 

What are the benefits of thought leadership in public relations? 

MedVoice PR can help develop and execute a strategic thought leadership campaign that positions you as an expert in your industry or in the community and benefits your company by:

  • Increasing brand awareness which leads to new patients, clients or partners

  • Cultivating long-term relationships with your existing customer-base to ensure that they want to keep coming back to you and may even be inspired to recommend your trusted expertise in the form of a referral or positive review

  • Creating content opportunities that can be regularly repurposed on social media, in blogs for your website, or included in important stakeholder communications

Examples of Thought Leadership in Public Relations

Identifying the best opportunities in which to showcase your expertise, and crafting the important messages you’ll want to share, is something we will carefully work on with you. 

Some examples of thought leadership projects MedVoice PR has launched for our clients include: 

thought leaders in PR
  • Industry-related podcasts Dr. Clay Johnston with Harbor Health was interviewed for the podcast, American Optimist, and shared his important insights about value-based care and how he's transforming healthcare while dramatically reducing costs and improving patient outcomes.

  • Panel discussions Lucina, an AI-enabled digital platform that identifies at-risk moms, often participates in panel discussions about maternal health. Their president, Dr. Matt Eakins recently spoke at an FCC: Federal Communications Commission roundtable discussion where he shared his thoughts on the value of predictive analytics for better quality maternal care. 

thought leadership in PR

  • Contributed articles MedVoice PR prides itself on the quality medical content we create for our clients, including this recent contributed article for Lucina, that was published in HealthIT Analytics about the role AI can play in alleviating black maternal health disparities. 

For more information about how we can help with thought leadership initiatives for your overall communication efforts in the medical and healthcare space, please contact us today at

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