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What is Newsjacking and how can it Benefit your Brand?

If you've ever seen a legal expert on television talking about a high profile court case, or a doctor commenting on a harsh allergy and flu season, or perhaps the global pandemic, it is likely the result of newsjacking. 

Newsjacking is the practice of aligning your unique knowledge and expertise with and adding valuable insight to what is simultaneously happening in current affairs. 

It takes skill, strategy, and sensitivity to do this effectively. 

If it appears to be too self-promoting or exploitative in any way, you may lose credibility with your clients and customers, both old and new. 

Medvoice PR has honed the delicate practice of newsjacking for our clients in the medical field when major health or healthcare announcements are in the news, and we are able to leverage their thought leaders to provide important information. 

Carefully tying your organization’s message to a trending news story takes experienced media relations professionals who have trusted contacts in the media at their fingertips, 24/7. 

When we are able to effectively link your expertise to a story, the benefits of effective newsjacking include:

  • Broadening your reach and expanding brand awareness to viewers and audiences who may not typically know you

  • Opportunities for repurposing your comments on a popular news story in the form of blogs on your website or social media posts, both of which will enhance your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Cost savings, as the clever media relations ‘know-how’ used in newsjacking often costs much less compared to the pricetag for paid advertising (and the credibility is much greater!)

Examples of how MedVoice PR has successfully used newsjacking for our clients:

How to Newsjack

  • New data recently emerged about stress and how it impacts your body. MedVoice PR offered up an expert source from our client, Pathlight Mood & Anxiety Center, for this Forbes article. 

  • After fertility clinics in Ohio and California were sued over allegedly destroying frozen embryos and eggs because of equipment malfunctions, MedVoice PR suggested our former client, Texas Fertility Center, to explain the rigid safety precautions that must be in place to avoid this kind of disaster. The local ABC station discussed the topic with them in this story on protecting frozen embryos. 

What is newsjacking
  • The buzz about weight loss drugs has been trending for months and has resulted in many opportunities for our client, Eating Recovery Center. Here's an instance of how we provided an expert source on this topic for a news story with a local NBC station.

For more information about how we can help with public relations initiatives, including strategic practices like newsjacking, to enhance your overall communication efforts in the medical and healthcare space, please contact us today at

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