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Ankle Replacement Surgery? That’s A Story to Tell

We often hear about knee or hip replacement surgeries. But, did you know there is also such thing as ankle replacement surgery? When MedVoice learned about the procedure from client, Texas Orthopedics, we knew we had a story that people needed to know about.

Marnee Loftin, a patient of orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Brannon Smoot, had just returned home from a trip to Ireland. She hiked pain-free the country’s green rolling hills with her newly replaced ankle. This was quite an unbelievable feat. After breaking her ankle in a car crash many years ago, Loftin quietly suffered through the aches and pains. But, when the pain became unbearable to even walk, Loftin decided to pursue replacement surgery.

Dr. Smoot says because of recent refinements, the still uncommon procedure is likely to become more common in the near future. Loftin and Dr. Smoot shared the experience with KXAN-TV (NBC-affiliate).

Watch the complete story here.


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