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Cryotherapy Isn’t Just for Sports Stars

Over the summer, beloved NBA Cleveland Cavaliers player, Lebron James, revealed he uses a cryotherapy (subzero) chamber to help heal his aches and pains. Mainstream media brought the cryo ice chamber front and center. So MedVoice took the opportunity to promote their client, HealthTronics, who partners with healthcare facilities to provide access to new technologies like cryotherapy — a high-tech surgical device that uses ice to freeze cancer cells.

Using the attention created by Lebron's muscle therapy, MedVoice saw an opportunity to pitch a story in the Cleveland area about the successes doctors are having using the freezing technology to treat prostate cancer patients.

Two Ashtabula County (outside Cleveland) publications – Star Beacon and The Gazette – shared Edson Bisbee’s story, a prostate cancer patient who chose to fight his disease using cryotherapy. You can read the full story from the Star Beacon here.


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