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MedVoice Founder Emily Schmitz Nominated For Fittest Entrepreneur 2014

MedVoice Founder Emily Schmitz has been nominated for Fittest Entrepreneur by Fit Company. She also competed as an individual in the Fit Company Challenge on September 13 in Austin, Texas. Because Emily works in the field of health communication, she makes fitness a priority to ensure she practices what she preaches!

Why do you make time to live fit?

I make the time to live fit because it has a positive impact on all aspects of my life — my children, my career, my friends.

Give your top 2 reasons how living fit helps you be a successful leader

1) Living fit provides clarity. I have come up with some of my most creative ideas for work when I’m running.

2) Living fit provides discipline in my life. Carving out time for exercise in my busy schedule is a top priority. I exercise early in the morning which gives me a tremendous amount of energy for the rest of my day at work.

You can read the rest of her profile here and make sure to like it on Facebook!


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