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Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development (SHSMD) Annual Conference-Orlando

Pictured above is Ellen Decareau, MedVoice PR’s Chief Strategist and Emily Schmitz, Founder, MedVoice PR

Healthcare strategy is an enormous and challenging responsibility that often falls on the storytellers for an organization – the marketing and public relations specialists.

The Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development (SHSMD) recently held their annual conference in Orlando and folks working in marketing, public relations, physician relations and planning attended the three-day event.

Sessions focusing on strategic planning and development, marketing, public relations, analytics and research, physician strategies and digital engagement wereoffered and we soaked in as much information as we could.

We heard from various U.S. hospital systems about some of their marketing ‘best practices’, including some fascinating case studies about the impact of social media marketing, digital marketing and video.

Some timely topics covered included the opioid epidemic and what healthcare organizations are doing to create better awareness, the ‘Retail-ization’ and ‘Consumer-ization’ of healthcare, and Google insights on harnessing the power of video and mobile.

We can’t wait to share these insights with our clients!


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