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Why is PR important for medical and healthcare brands?

As a physician or other type of provider for the healthcare industry, you may have the most compelling patient success story or expertise in an innovative and life-changing technology, but if you’re unsure of how to share that information with the right stakeholders, it doesn’t do you much good.

That’s how public relations (PR) can help.

Public relations is the creative way in which you present your business’ mission, or product, to potential consumers, caregivers, clinicians, and patients. How you go about this is just as important as the stories and services themselves.

This is often best accomplished through a variety of publicity channels.

Here’s where our services can help!

We are a full-service PR agency in Austin dedicated to the medical and healthcare industry, and the narratives that this care-centric, yet uber-competitive, community has to share.

Why is PR important for medical and healthcare brands?

The value that strategic PR and effective storytelling can bring to your business is tremendous.

Here’s how our successful PR efforts have helped many clients boost their bottom line and will enhance your brand as well:

  • Building trust and expertise in your physicians, products or services

  • Attracting new patients or customers

  • Establishing new relationships with fellow providers for potential referrals

How can MedVoicePR help you tell your story?

With more than 25 years of experience in the medical and healthcare fields, our team of veteran communicators is skilled at developing the tools you need to best articulate your story and differentiate you from others.

We do this through a thoughtfully crafted combination of:

  • Media Relations: positioning your providers (or product or service), as an expert, or an example of the highest standard, on TV or in radio, print and digital media platforms

  • Community Outreach: connecting with stakeholders in your local community through regular participation at charity events, educational presentations, and speaking engagements

  • Video Storytelling: bringing your stories to life through the magic of film and graphic imagery

  • Content Marketing: creating consistent and compelling content to keep your audience engaged and educated at all times through blogs, social posts, client testimonials and case studies

  • Social Media Management: managing your social media feeds by supplying daily original content and visuals while also monitoring the competitive activity in your medical field or specialty

Making sure your story is shared with the right audience, and more importantly seen or heard, is what we’re all about.

For more information about how we can help you with your public relations needs, please contact us here.


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